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11 November 2020 @ 07:40 pm


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『Dodo Potato』
10 June 2011 @ 10:56 pm
gdisuhjksdgfdhusi okay just fuck. Today was so fucking fun and amazing dhguj ahhh. I'm so fucking glad that I got to go! I never actually thought I'd get chosen when I emailed them, I was just like "Eh, might as well try though" but dfghsujnk I got chosen.

It was so amazing, even though we were mainly sitting around doing nothing but I was one of the few people there who had never met the twins before haha. It's so bad that I still can't tell them apart though ; A ;

But lol when I first arrived, I was all flustered and shit after getting lost and being worried I was going to be late because I WALKED for an hour. But then I just saw John and Edward coming up to me and a group of other girls and one of the twins stroked my fringe and said he liked my outfit and bow and then he saw my bag and he was like "I love your bag! Vivienne Westwoood!" haha 8D

Then some time later, John came to the room where all the extras where and he was shaking the hands of the two guys next to me, then he moved to me and I was about to shake his hand but he just hugged me before. Like ultra super tight for longer than expected so I was all "Shit can't breathe what :C".

They also had to film this scene with water and shit by this lake and they kept telling us off because stupid people were being loud and noisy and then Edward was all "shut the fuck up" haha. 8D

I was really glad I stopped being so awkward and spoke to other people because lots of people were so nice and lovely!

dfh oh yeah more shit! dsfj The party scene was so fucking fun to shoot. We were just in some massive house (which was amazing and I want to live in dfshjak) and just dancing to bad behaviour then the twins joined in and like, they were crowd surfing and one of them was just like "let's get pissed! Lol 8D" when he was just up in the air before we started shooting. I ended up being right next to them most of the time when they were standing and I kept getting pushed in to either them or the camera man so hopefully I'll be in the shoot. Really sad I didn't get chosen for the pyjama scene though omfg ; A ;

Most of this has probably said already on twitter but fuck you, I just want to say it all again. Also lol, this is probably such dumb old news to already existing Jedward fans who've met them 1392349723 times before but this was my first time. Sad I didn't get any pictures with them though. D8

dgiuhsjiakasd but fuck, today was SO fucking fun and I love them so fucking much now. Like, even more than I did before lol. (Please don't judge me as a crazy stan omfg!)